Breathe, Balance & Being

About Us

Easy Wellness Retreats was born out of our awareness that retreats are more than just going on vacation or holiday with a few friends from your studio or gym.

After years in the tourism industry we understand that a victorious retreat needs to weave together not only physical and spiritual practices from you as the teacher, but also time to create memorable experiences involving yes- the five senses. Moments to memories as we like to say…

Easy Wellness Retreats appreciates the work you need to do as a successful teacher to plan your curriculum and classes. We also know first hand the amount of work involved in planning, organizing and administrating a successful retreat. Our goal is to leave the teaching and mentoring to you, while we tend to the logistics at every level to ensure a flawless experience for you and your group from start to finish.


We offer our services to yoga-pilates studios and teachers and wellness programs

We will plan every detail of your retreat experience - identifying a destination and property for your retreat, creating an itinerary for a complete package based on your needs, style and budget.
We need each other, so let’s start planning.

For us it’s personnel…

breathe, balance & beings

The Easy Wellness Retreat Team